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Montana bride accused in husband’s cliff death to be sentenced

A Montana bride who shoved her husband of eight days off a cliff at Glacier National Park is due to be sentenced on Thursday, and a judge was expected to rule on a defense motion to withdraw her guilty plea to a second-degree murder charge. Attorneys for 22-year-old Jordan Graham on Tuesday asked a federal […]

The Postal Service fiscal cliff: It’s real and may be unavoidable

Lost in the commotion over Washington’s budget debate is the dire situation of the United States Postal Service, which could face a possible October shutdown if Congress can’t act. View full post on Congress News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Public Lukewarm on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal

Americans give a lukewarm response to last week’s agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, albeit with higher marks for the deal to President Obama than to House Speaker John Boehner. More people in this ABC News/Washington Post poll approve than disapprove of the agreement, but… View full post on Congress News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Insight: In “fiscal cliff” bill, White House was key to corporate tax breaks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As the Congress rushed last week to approve a "fiscal cliff" tax bill that raised income taxes on the wealthy, Washington lobbyists were fretting over a drama that was playing out within the negotiations: whether the bill would include about $64 billion in tax breaks for businesses. The bill extended several tax […]

Boehner’s Constituents Mixed on Speaker’s Fiscal Cliff Performance

Yahoo News asked constituents in John Boehner 's congressional district-Ohio's 8th-to weigh in on the representative's performance during the fiscal cliff negotiations and as House Speaker. Here are excerpts we received from voters this morning. View full post on Congress News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Talk of GOP primaries follows ‘fiscal cliff’ vote

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republicans in Congress who took the risky step of voting to raise taxes are now finding themselves trying to fend off potential primary challenges next year from angry conservatives. View full post on Congress News Headlines – Yahoo! News

CBO: ‘Cliff’ deal leaves big deficits in place

Legislation passed this week to avert the “fiscal cliff” could still leave in place deficits averaging more than $900 billion a year over the coming decade if Congress fails to follow its tax increases up with further spending cuts or tax hikes, the nonpartisan scorekeeper for Congress said Friday. View full post on Congress News […]

“Fiscal cliff” deal a budget help or hindrance? Yes, says CBO

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – So does Congress’ landmark deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” by canceling tax hikes on most Americans increase or decrease long-term U.S. budget deficits? The answer is a definitive “yes,” the Congressional Budget Office said on Friday. It all depends on the comparison. And by the way, it also helps – and […]

Insight: “Fiscal cliff” fracas: From smiles to distrust to rancor

(Note: includes graphic language) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It began so optimistically. On November 16, after their first "fiscal cliff" session with President Barack Obama, the four leaders of Congress had stood in the driveway of the White House shoulder-to-shoulder for what is a rare photo these days, Republicans and Democrats together, smiling. There they were […]

Analysis: Cliff deal is another pain-free punt

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress' hectic resolution of the "fiscal cliff" crisis is the latest in a long series of decisions by lawmakers and the White House to do less than promised — and to ask Americans for little sacrifice — in confronting the nation's burgeoning debt. View full post on Congress News Headlines – Yahoo! […]