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Taliban Said They Would Kill Bergdahl, Says Obama Aide

President Barack Obama says Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was an ailing “prisoner of war,” but his top deputies are describing him as a hostage who would be killed if the White House didn’t agree to a surprise trade. Congress was not informed that ”there was evidence, or at least, there was an analysis, that a premature disclosure would result in the loss of his life,” Obama’s top counselor, John Podesta told reporters during a June 6 breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. Podesta’s discordant statement is yet another crack in the administration’s explanation for the much-protested decision to swap five Top Taliban leaders for one possible U.S. Army deserter, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Obama’s claim about Bergdahl’s supposed illness was undermined when the Taliban released a video showing him in apparent good health as he was picked up by U.S. soldiers.

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